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Wethers are the big secret in fiber production. Unaffected by hormonal changes, breeding seasons or giving birth and possessing a large body size, they are fleece growing specialists. Add in a friendly and steady temperament and you have the perfect addition to your fiber herd.

Note: For an explanation of micron counts, see our For Sale page.
Whistlekick Wether - Toby Whistlekick Toby
Registered with PBA
Color/Fleece Color: brown agouti/light caramel
Fleece Type: B
Micron Count: 17.4 µ

Toby is a handsome boy and a big goat. He is kind hearted and affectionate, poking his nose into my sweatshirt pockets looking for treats and angling for a pat or a scratch. His pale, soft fleece is thick and soft and scores in the cashmere range and, at 175 lb., he grows a lot of fleece!
Ranger Whistlekick Ranger
Registration pending
Color/Fleece Color: Brown Agouti
Fleece Type: pending
Micron Count: pending

Born April 2018 with his twin sister, Rosalee, to mom Remington, Ranger is a handsome, correct kid. At 6 weeks old, he is sturdy and friendly while concentrating on learning to graze and eat grain when he is not playing 'bucky' games with fellow kid Scooter. He has a black undertone to his brown guard hairs, and I am hoping that his fleece will come in a darker brown.  
Scooter Whistlekick Scooter
Registration pending
Color/Fleece Color: Brown Caramel
Fleece Type: pending
Micron Count: pending

Scooter and his twin sister, Shakira were born to Sofia in April 2018. The sweetest of the boys born this year at Whistlekick, Scooter loves to snuggle - and he has those cute wattles. His fleece is a lighter brown than Ranger's, but just as soft and wavy.
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