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The kids of 2018 have arrived! We'd like to congratulate Crickview Ranch and Kari Schroeder on their purchase of an outstanding buckling. Whistlekick Benelli shows great potential in conformation and personality, as well as that rich, dark caramel color.
Benelli Face Benelli Side view

Kids Ranger, Rosalee, Scooter and Shakira will remain here at Whistlekick Pygoras. We invite you to check them out on the Does and Wethers pages.

A few favorite photos of our past kids:
Scooter's Face Sassy
Whistlekick Pygoras Kids 2012 Whistlekick Pygoras Kids 2012
Whistlekick Pygoras Kids 2012 Whistlekick Lan Mandragoran - Whistlekick Pygoras
Whistlekick Sofia - Whistlekick Pygoras Whistlekick Samantha - Whistlekick Pygoras
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