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Whistlekick Pygoras - Pygora Goats and Fine Fiber

Welcome to Whistlekick Pygoras - pampered, top-quality Pygora goats and fine fiber for the discriminating handspinner.

Home to 17 registered Pygora goats with magnificent soft and fluffy fiber coats and mischievous, playful personalities. I get to run my fingers dailyPygora Goats are a good goat for small farms.into those sumptuous fleeces just for the sheer pleasure of it. And when I sit down to spin my very own, home-grown Pygora……. what bliss to feel that soft, silky fiber run through my fingers.

About Pygora Goats

Pygora goats are primarily fiber goats, but they are a good goat for small farms as you can shear and spin the fiber, milk the goat and make cheese or soap, and have them keep the brush down. A smaller goat, Pygoras are friendly, playful and curious. They produce a unique, luxurious hand spinning fiber that is widely prized by handspinners. The fiber is classified into three types by the Pygora Breeders Association (PBA):
  • Lan's Grand Champion Fleece 2013Type Ais a long fiber, averaging 6+ in. in length, that drapes in long lustrous ringlets. It may be a single coat, but a silky guard hair is usually present. The fiber is very fine, mohair-like, usually less than 28 microns. The handle should be silky, smooth and cool to the touch.
  • Type Bis a fiber with characteristics of both mohair- and cashmere-type fleece. It's usually curly and should average 3-6 in. in length. There is an obvious guard hair. A second silky guard hair usually is present. There should be luster, and the handle should be soft and airy. The fiber should test, on average, below 24 microns. The fleece color is usually lighter than the guard hair color.
  • Type Cis a very fine fiber, usually below 18.5 microns, and can be acceptable as commercial cashmere. It must be a least 1 in. long and is usually 1-3 in. long. It has a matte finish and a warm, creamy handle. It must show crimp. There is good separation between a coarse guard hair and fleece. The fleece color is usually lighter than the guard hair color.
None of these fleece types is "better" than the others. Each is unique with special characteristics all its own.


Recent News

Now Available:
Raising Happy, Healthy Pygora Goatsfilled with useful information, color photographs and diagrams tailored specifically for raising Pygora goats. For more details, see the For Sale page.

Book Coming Soon: Raising Happy, Healthy Pygora Goats


The Whistlekick herd is free of hoof rot and tests CAE/CL/Johnes negative.

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